About Us

Welcome to City Cable Australia – where your seamless online experience begins! Since 2015, we’ve been your go-to destination for cutting-edge broadband service that redefine what connectivity means for you.

At City Cable, we’re not just pioneers in Cable Internet access – we’re your partners in staying connected effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassles with our superior alternative to NBN, offering you unbeatable speed, affordability, and reliability. Setting up your connection has never been easier!

City Cable is more than just a service provider; we’re committed to bringing high-speed internet access to all Australians. Our focus is on exceptional service, professionalism, and, most importantly, your satisfaction. Your journey with us is about enjoying cost-effective superfast internet without compromise.

Our service is currently available in more than 500 buildings across Australia. In addition, City Cable is continuing to construct our own independent optical fibre across Australia.

Choose City Cable Australia – your internet experience matters to us!

Our Values

Put our customers at the heart of everything:

Elevating customer needs as the primary stimulus for our strategies and actions, we recognize that our existence lies in addressing customer challenges and delivering tangible value.

Professional service awareness:

Our dedication lies in empowering our employees to foster a service-oriented mindset, seamlessly integrating service principles into their daily tasks, and recognizing customer service as a true embodiment of the company’s fundamental values.

Ongoing journey of innovation:

We persistently enhance our customer service model to elevate both the quality and efficiency of our services. We are steady in our commitment to continually innovate our core values, adapting proactively to shifts in the market and the evolving landscape of corporate development.

Genuine connection:

We embrace the strength of our professional team’s diverse cultural and multi-lingual backgrounds. We prioritize gaining a profound understanding of consumers’ preferences and needs, aiming to deliver distinctive and exclusive experiences tailored to the unique desires of everyone.


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